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Car Accident Lawyers in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Area Car Accident Attorneys Skilled auto accident lawyers have helped injury victims recover millions of dollars in both settlements and trial. K&J Law Group is a car accident law firm that is equipped to handle any car accident case involving injuries or death. Our attorneys are devoted to providing the highest level of customer service…
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Car Crash Lawyers

K&J Law Group | California's Car Accident Lawyers

Los Angeles Car Crash Lawyers and Car Accident Lawyers.

If you are in Los Angeles, and are thinking I need to find a car accident lawyer near me, we can send one of our car accident lawyers near you to meet you.

Our experience has been that during the Spring and Summer months in Southern California, the traffic is heavy and the rate of car accidents and car crashes increases significantly.

Our experience has also shown that car and motorcycle accident victims in Los Angeles who hire a law firm to represent them get much larger settlements than injury victims who do not. The insurance companies have trained negotiators working for them; our lawyers have extensive experience with these companies and will work tirelessly to get you the justice you deserve.

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In Los Angeles, Car Accidents & Crash Statistics Tell the Story

Each year the number of car accidents in California is growing. The traffic on our freeways cannot sustain the current traffic needs and will further be constrained as the number of vehicles on the roads grow.

As the number of cars on California freeways grows, so does the added risk of car accidents, motorcycle accidents, and truck accidents which result in serious injuries to the drivers, passengers and pedestrians near the roadways. When someone is involved in an automobile accident, the injuries and damages to ones life can be severe.

To get the legal help and advice to get your life back on track you need an experienced attorney equipped with the tools to negotiate with the insurance companies. Our law firm offers free consultations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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